Priority Management
    The simple recognition of your individuality and the knowledge that time management principles are not always carved in stone, can smooth the transition to more effective and efficient, stress-free, performance in the job.

    This course will not solve your problems; it REVEALS them and your personal commitment to begin solving them will enable you to take control of your own time, effectively and efficiently.

    Communication Management
    All of you have results (goals and objectives) which you must achieve for your organization, department, unit or team.  One of your major resources to help you achieve your results is other people.  You need the cooperation and commitment of associates, subordinates, and superiors.  You may even need cooperation from people outside your department or division or outside your organization.  The purpose of this seminar is to provide you with a set of skills for achieving your results by working more effectively with and through these other people.

    Performance Management
    The course has been carefully designed for CAE group leaders and managers who are responsible for their employee’s career development.  You will learn practical methods to successfully manage performance interviews as well as techniques to improve your coaching skills to support your employees in learning new skills and improving their performance.  The topics are:

      • Successful performance interviews
      • Developing performance
      • Coaching
      • Effective feedback techniques

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Critical Management Skills
The focus of this workshop, therefore, is to provide a clear understanding of the interpersonal and group management skills that are needed to become an effective manager. Through the exercise/interactive portions of the workshop, these skills will be practiced within each of these management activities:

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Delegation
  • Leadership @ Work
    Leadership @ Work is designed to provide a foundation of one-on-one interpersonal skills, plus the enhanced skills that support team initiatives, quality improvement, and process improvement efforts. The program focuses on the leadership challenges everyone faces in today’s more fluid, less centrally controlled organizations. The program uses large and small group discussions, case studies, practice, feedback, and planning activities to build participant’s skills and encourage the transfer of skills to the workplace.

    Giving Positive Feedback
    Today, more than ever managers and leaders are struggling with one of their most important, yet trickiest and most difficult management tasks: providing constructive and useful feedback to others. Giving feedback is a task you perform again and again as a team leader, letting people know where they are an where to go next in terms of expectations and goals – yours, their own, and the organization’s. In this workshop, you will learn how to give constructive feedback and provide guidance by supplying information in a useful manner either : to support effective behavior, or to guide someone back on the track toward successful performance.

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    Planet X
    Planet X is a powerful, dramatic, challenging, competitive and realistic sales and marketing experience. The business teams and the customers become very clear about which sales approaches work in the short and long term, what makes the customer stay with a relationship and what can be applied to their own sales and marketing teams back on Planet Earth.

    Each team gathers and shares information, develops strategies and promotions, sells and services customers, and reacts to the dramatic changes sweeping the planet. The teams feel the effects of the entire business process and face both the rewards of long-term beneficial relationships and the penalties of short-term thinking. As the simulated years progress, only teams that have been able to build long term relationships with their customer base will have great success on Planet X.

    Journey Home
    The Journey Home is an interactive, team-based simulation that provides participants with an intensive, powerful, fun and relevant learning experience. It is Star Date 3000 AD, and a squadron of Starships is engaged in a race against time. Each Starship is a team, comprised of four to six players. Each team member has a unique and valuable role to play, bringing his or her own information and experience to the mission. The ultimate mission is to save Earth from enemy raiders and to find the technology to stop the spread of a deadly virus.

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