Maden Training Systems provides a full range of integrated training services to help organizations achieve their business objectives. We offer the following training and development services:

Program Customization, Program Development, Training Audits and Evaluation Programs. Translation, Needs Assessment, Trainer Certification Review and Follow-Up., Trainer Back-Up and Support Packaged Program, Administered ISO Certification, Support TQ, Support Technical Program, Support Meeting Events and Activities.

Adapted Solutions

Maden Training Systems can potentially be of service in three areas:

Offering instructors and trainers for program delivery (French & English). Our experience in all types of training and development environments permits us to support many sales, management and leadership programs that you may wish to offer to your organization.

Program content and development materials. Maden Training Systems has developed customized and focused programs for sales skills, account management, sales team management, team building, performance management and many other subjects.

Maden Training Systems has worked with a variety of learning and experiential development activities, games such as Planet X, to help develop sales, negotiation, communication and problem solving skills. We have worked at national sales meetings, product launch sessions, cycle meetings, team and project groups and a variety of other events.